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Special Tool Blanks and Preforms

    Beside the standard Tungsten Carbide Blanks, Rods, Tubes, Plates, etc. Rydmet Carbide also make a variety of Speicial or Irregular tungsten carbide blanks and preforms.

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    These Speicial blades are made as per the given prints. first, we make the stadard blanks by pressing or extruding method, then, we use the necessarilty method, such as preforming, centerless grinding, flat grinding, EDM, step grinding, etc. to further machine them..these carbide special blank and preforms can be sintered surfaces, semifinished furface and even in finished.surface.

    The be used for cutting tools, dies and wear parts in a variety of specialized applications, including: automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, energy, paper, firearms, medical, woodworking, recycling, injection molding, cold heading, and mining. Blanks and preforms are available in ten grades.

    The Grade of the Special Carbide Blanks depends on the clients' requirement and specifica application...our skilled staff can always be there to provide or recommend the correct grade for your need.


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